Friday, 7 August 2015

Amit Dutta Movies Beckon Movie Buffs to IDSFFK

Eighth IDSFFK 2015 is felicitating the contemporary film maker Amit Dutta by screening 10 of his well acclaimed works. Amit Dutta has his own signature style of storytelling. As an experimental film maker he concatenates the elements of research and documentation with open imagination. Rich and aesthetically stimulating images based on Indian aesthetic theory and personal symbolism are the rudiment elements of his films, which entices the spectators. History, ethno-anthropology and cultural inheritance are the basic plot subjects he used in his piece of arts. The montage snippets in his films normally intersperse between characters and historical reminiscences, fairy tales and children stories, which are eye baffling. The audience will definitely get something to take with them after watching an Amit Dutta movie.

Film buffs and dilettantes in India and abroad, regarded this 2004 FTII graduate as one among the most elusive, exciting and finest film makers in India. Amit Dutta’s films have received international acclamation including Gold Mikaldi at Bilbao (Spain), the Golden Conch and Best Film of the Festival Award at the Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF), the FIPRESCI critic’s award in the Oberhausen Film Festival, Germany, the John Abraham National Award, and four times the National Award of India. A retrospective of his work was held at Oberhausen Film Festival(Germany) in 2010.He is named among the Best New Film Makers of the decade by the Ferroni Brigade group of film critics in 2011. 

In 2013 he was invited by the Venice Film Festival to make a short film for its 70th anniversary on the theme, “The Future of Cinema”.
His films being screened at the festival are, Chithrasala,Even Red Can Be Sad, Ramkhind, a Warli Village, Jangrah Film-One, Gita Govinda,Field Trip, The Museum of Imagination:A Potrait in Absentia, Nainsukh 2010, Venice Quote and, Saatvin Sair.

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